Saturday, March 30, 2019

Updated 2019 Season Schedule and Snack Shack info

We are all excited about the 2019 Cabrillo Gals season! Practices and scrimmages are well under way, with Opening Day quickly approaching! Click here for the updated 2019 schedule.  As always, please be sure to communicate with coaches if there are concerns about rain/weather impacting the schedule.

We are making some changes in our snack shack this year.  EVERY family is required to help out in the snack shack when they are the visiting team. Each visiting team will be required to have 2 people staff the snack shack for 1/2 of the game (40 minutes). The snack shack schedule team assignments are included on the season game schedule. Please note that since we will have 2 games going a a time, one visiting team will take the first 40 minutes, and the other will take the last 40 minutes.  Please note that if you are not able to volunteer, or would prefer not to, we have a list of people that will cover your snack shack duty for $10 per shift/person. This is payable directly to the snack shack volunteer prior to the beginning of your scheduled shift. Additional info on scheduling someone to cover your snack shack duties coming soon. 
This year the snack shack will be open for all weekday and weekend games! We are also able to accept cash and credit/debit card payments!