How do I register my daughter to play?
Cabrillo Gals utilizes an on-line registration website as well as main in registration.. Please refer to our Registration page at http://cabrillogals.siplay.com/site/

What is included with the registration fee?
Gals is a non-profit organization, and is 100% volunteer run. All fees collected are utilized to run the league. Each player will receive a numbered jersey individualized with their team name. They will receive individual player and team photos. 

Do I need to do volunteer work for the league?
No, however, Gals is 100% volunteer run. We would love for you to get involved.  Please contact a Board Member if interested.

I'd like to help as a coach. How do I do that?
As part of the registration process, you may sign up to volunteer your time as a coach. Gals allows one head coach and one assistant coach per team, however we encourage parents to help with practices. The more parent help in practice, the easier it is for the coaches to run a productive practice. 

How long is the season?
The season starts around Valentines Day February and runs until mid-May.  There will typically be other extracurricular events, such as a day away to watch Stanford University’s Softball team play, and clinics with local high schools.  

When do the girls practice and play?We typically start the season practicing 2days a week until we start practice games in the beginning of March.  Official League play begins around Easter, with all divisions except 6U playing one weeknight game and one weekend game.  Once league games begin, 6U will continue to practice at the discretion of the coach, and play Saturday’s only.

Where do the girls play?
Gals utilizes Live Oak Elementary and Shoreline Junior High School for practices.  Our home field for all official games is Anna Jean Cummings Park in Soquel.  Based upon the rainy season, practice games will be either at Live Oak Elementary, Shoreline, or Anna Jean.  

What equipment will I need?
The league will provide team batting helmets and team bats for the girls to use. You should provide a pair of black softball pants (can be purchased at Play It Again Sports, Big 5, or online), softball glove and cleats. Glove size will vary based on the age of your daughter. Soccer cleats may be worn for softball, however softball cleats may not be worn for soccer.   Although not mandatory, many families purchase a helmet for their daughter to avoid lice outbreaks, etc).  Helmets must have a face shield and chin strap, and be free of any cracks.  The umpires will check them prior to games.  If you purchase a bat for your daughter, please make sure it is a softball bat, and has an ASA certification stamp on it.

What age girls will my daughter be playing with?
Your daughter will be playing with girls of similar age. We create divisions based on a 2 year age grouping. For example 4, 5 and 6 year olds will play together in the 6U division; 7 and 8 year olds will play in the 8U division; etc...   If you are uncertain as to what age group your daughter will play in, just remember how old she is on January 1.  That will dictate her division.

Can my daughter play with her friends?For the 6U and 8Udivision, we try to honor all player requests as part of the registration process.   However, once teams are formed and players are notified, switches cannot be accommodated.  For the 10U division and above, Gals utilizes a draft system in an effort to keep the teams more evenly matched.